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Aalto University: Entrepreneurial Education in Higher Education

Entrepreneurship education has globally gained strength apace with its fast growth in higher educational institutions and their curriculum development. Its recent research has moved from content questions to the processes of learning and teaching in diverse contexts. This track invites scholars to share their research findings of diverse aspects of entrepreneurial education to further develop its agenda in higher education.

As broadly understood entrepreneurship refers to the way that individuals and organisations create and implement new ideas and ways of doing things, respond proactively to the environment, and thus initiate change involving uncertainty and complexity. It is argued that regardless of career path, key entrepreneurial principles and theories are useful for nurturing enterprising attitudes and behaviour. This refers to a state of mind applicable to all settings and aspects of life. Considering traditional knowledge-oriented teaching, these definitions actually represent a curriculum reform per se. As the recent European survey indicated, the teaching methods deemed effective in entrepreneurial education were often different from the methods traditionally used in higher education and these educational themes and methodologies were often new for most of the HEIs.

Kati Peltonen
Lahti University of Applied Sciences/Aalto University, School of Economics
Enhancing teachers’ entrepreneurial competencies: The impact of collaborative learning experiences
Riitta-Liisa Arpiainen
Aalto University, School of Economics
Learning risk-taking in entrepreneurship education – an action learning approach.
Paula Kyrö,Agnieszka Kurczewska and Nana Osei-Bonsu
Aalto University, School of Economics
Different approaches to opportunity process and their consequences for teaching practice
Anne Gustafsson-Pesonen
Aalto University School of Economics Small Business Center
Evaluation of Entrepreneurial University-project

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University: Entrepreneurship and Development

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University is located in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. As South African university they have a high focus on the community, its development and entrepreneurial mind-set, as such NMMU will also be organizing the “Entrepreneurship and Development” track. NMMU will attract a range of different speakers from South Africa , elaborating on achieving development and entrepreneurship.

This track focuses on research that has been done in South Africa with respect to entrepreneurial development. These include:
  • The role of a university in the development of women entrepreneurs in rural areas.
  • The development of a model to assist small businesses to become sustainable and grow.
  • Research into entrepreneurship and small business in South Africa.
It is recognised that job creation is a major challenge and it has been accepted that many jobs can be created through small businesses. There are many reasons why small businesses do not succeed, but there may be special cases in South Africa that need attention. This is highlighted in the papers presented in the track.

The track will consist out of the following speakers:

Professor Norman Kamp
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University: Head of Management and Entrepreneurship
Paul Tai-Hing
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University: Program Coordinator NDip Management
Dr Malcolm Figg
Senior Lecturer: School of Accounting
Dr Noluntu Dyubhele
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Hidalgo: Linking Higher Education Institutions with the economic environment in international context – Germany, Central America and Mexico

Turning professors and researchers into entrepreneurs is a challenge that HEIs are confronting. In this matter the Universidad AutĂłnoma del Estado de Hidalgo in Mexico in collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences in MĂŒnster and the Instituto TecnolĂłgico de Costa Rica are about to offer a new project, a so-called DIES-Partnership “Change Management to Enhance Knowledge Transfer and Partnership between the Higher Education Institutions and their Economic Context”. Its main objective is to train managers from higher education institutions in Mexico and Central America to improve the necessary skills to develop effective transfer-strategies and -processes between higher education institution, government and the private sector in the development of a product or service, which can be commercialized with social impact.

This track invites academics and higher education managers to share their experiences and best practices of linkage between universities and the private sector to enrich the above mentioned project.

Rosalba Badillo
International Centre for Higher Education Research Kassel
C.D. José Luis Antón de la Concha
Universidad AutĂłnoma del Estado de Hidalgo
Dra. Lydia Raesfeld
Universidad AutĂłnoma del Estado de Hidalgo

University of East London: Women Entrepreneurship

The track will provide a forum to debate the contribution that universities can make to advancing women's entrepreneurship. Universities have an important role to play in developing the entrepreneurial mindset of their students, graduates and the wider business community.

There is an untapped potential in women's enterprise: women entrepreneurs and the organisations that support women entrepreneurs should focus on the undoubted wealth creation potential that there is in women’s businesses and the contribution this could make to global growth (Delta Economics, Challenges and Opportunities for Growth and Sustainability (COGS) A focus on women in the UK and Europe, March 2011). This track will share international case studies and good practice of how universities have supported women entrepreneurs, debate the challenges that lie ahead for women's enterprise and provide a mechanism for influencing future policy and practice.

For further information on CEWE, see www.uel.ac.uk/cewe, follow uel_cewe on twitter or join the LinkedIn Group Friends of Women's Entrepreneurship.

Selena Bolingbroke
University of East London: Pro Vice-Chancellor, Strategic Planning and External Development
Linsey Cole
Centre of Excellence for Women’s Entrepreneurship: Project Manager
Eva Lloyd
Cass School of Education and Communities
Catharina Bruns
Creative Entrepreneur and founder of workisnotajob




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